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May 18, 2020

Frustrated because she couldn’t find any women-owned businesses to spend her money on is what inspired my guest, Sophia, to get to work.  She created a contact list of female business owners and posted them on the web. Two years later, femmebought is now an online women’s business directory, community, and education hub that gives female entrepreneurs the tools required to grow their businesses.  It’s also a place for those who want to directly invest in social impact with women-led businesses who focus on giving back to their communities.  

With hubs in Toronto, Chicago, and Tel Aviv and members in 10 different countries, the support from femmebought during COVID-19 has been meaningful to the community of members. 

We’ve all been impacted by the global pandemic in some way, but small business owners may have been the hardest hit. Sophia and her partners have been working closely to help them navigate difficult decisions like closing doors and pivoting online, as well as working through government support grants and other funding options to keep the lights on.  Listen as we discuss the stories of business owners and how you can support the companies that need it most during the pandemic.

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