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Feb 15, 2021

Your relationship with money is often driven by your inner belief system that you hold onto throughout your life. Sometimes, you need to release those beliefs to live a life of abundance, and energy work can support that.

We're digging into the depths of our thought patterns today with guest Jeana Locke.  Jeana holds a Ph.D in Applied Behavior Studies in Education and has several certifications in eastern medicine including Emotion Code and Akashic Records. She is a Transformational Life Coach and helps heart-based people evolve personally and professionally by supporting them to recognize the patterns, habits and beliefs that no longer serve them, and supports them to connect with their inner wisdom.

Today we dive into limiting beliefs as it relates to money and discuss:

  • The emotions that may be holding you back from abundance and flow
  • The concept of the money bucket and an exercise to help you measure your own
  • How mindfulness can help us become aware of the decision we make with money.


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