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Nov 16, 2020

It is beyond time that we dismantle systematic racism and inequality in business practices and policies. Investing with intention has gone mainstream, which means there’s more choice than ever before for investors to double-down on the values they care about.  

Social justice is a priority for many Canadians, and in fact, 71% of Canadians wants their fund managers to engage with Canadian companies to encourage diversity in leadership.  The data on these companies, however, can be difficult to obtain, because in Canada it’s illegal to ask employees about their gender identity, race or ethnicity, and age.  

Today’s guest is Meaghan Kelly from AGF Investments.  Meaghan has had the opportunity to dig into the research around diversity and inclusion and what that looks like for Corporate Canada. We discuss:

  • What do Canadians really want when it comes to social justice and the companies they invest in
  • Where you can find the information about social justice as an investment opportunity
  • Why you should use your capital to invest with intention

Meaghan is Vice President, Strategic Communications, Research & Product Innovation and is responsible for the product innovation pipeline and corporate and investment communications and marketing initiatives. She also shares with us what AGF Investments is doing to further engage with diversity and inclusion and how they see it shaping the future of Canada’s business landscape.



Osler Report on D&I in Canada 

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