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Oct 12, 2020

Amada Armstrong believes that we should all strive for a career that positively impacts the world. Amanda is the founder of Athari, a social enterprise that uses a sustainable for-profit business model to make a massive impact in the world. Athari coaches womxn and young people to land their dream jobs and dream clients, and build successful purpose driven careers.

A portion of her business profits supports university students in Kenya, and Amanda shares with us how she is using her privilege as a force for good to ensure diversity and inclusion both here in Canada and in Kenya. 

She also explains the social enterprise business model, how you can build a purpose driven career, and what trends we will start to see in the future as it relates to businesses making an impact.

Season 3 of the Collective Wealth Podcast is dedicated to responsible investing in our portfolios and our communities to create positive change, and this conversation showcases how we can extend this end goal of doing good in the world by leading in a purpose driven career.



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