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Mar 20, 2020

Laura Reinholtz is the Director of Bank of Montreal’s division that supports female business owners. The original intent of our interview was to celebrate International Women’s Day, but as Coronovirus was declared a pandemic, we decided to pivot our conversation.  Laura and I discuss what the bank is doing right now to help clients, and how they plan to focus on offering mental health support for managers and business owners in the coming months. Plus, Laura shares her personal experience with mental health during the 2008 crisis.

Laura’s career is an extension of her personal values, and we discuss her involvement with female-led businesses that are transforming the world:

  • SheEO is a global community of radically generous women supporting women-led ventures where extremely successful ventures are funded through heart and gut decisions, and not necessarily the financials.
  • Femmebought supports women owned businesses and has a complete online directory
  • Grow Your Biz offers strategic alliances and board advice for women entrepreneurs who want to go to the next level


BMO Bank 1-877-788-1923

Women Building Wealth Webinar - March 30th, 2020