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Mar 2, 2020

It’s difficult to juggle parenting with your career, but what’s it like to be an inventor with four young children as well?  Alison Brett is a former kindergarten teacher turned inventor of Clasp Magic, a device that quickly attaches bracelets to your wrist.  We talk about the financial expense of launching a new product invention to market and learn how losing an expensive prototype in the midst of a Kickstarter Campaign had her boarding a plane to China to find another solution.

Alison was nominated as “One to Watch” at the Mompreneur awards in 2019.  Will Dragon’s Den be next for her?

Inspiration, guts, and tenacity are a given when you’re an entrepreneur, and Alison shares how she keeps perspective on the journey while raising her young family and taking care of herself.

Plus, she has a special gift offer for all listeners of the podcast.

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