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Achieve financial wellness and live a happier, more meaningful life with inspirational conversations about your money. 

Jun 22, 2020

I met Bruce years ago and he is a huge inspiration for the work I do today.  He has a dynamic energy that makes money talk contagious and having him on the show is a privilege. Bruce is one of those people whose genuine interest in others makes him one of the easiest guys to chat with and in this episode, Bruce opens...

Feb 12, 2020

Today's show is in honor of Valentine's Day, plus the first book winner is announced!  Was it you? 


7 Minute Money Hack


Jan 22, 2020

Ever wonder what it takes to turn a goal into an accomplishment?  Stephanie answers your money question today with 5 tips on how to successfully stick with your new year's resolutions (without getting frustrated or giving up). 


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Jan 20, 2020

Canadians are drowning in debt, with 47% struggling to cover the cost of living each month and as a nation, now has the highest debt load per household of all G7 countries. 

Guest Melanie Lockert is the founder of the blog and author of the book, Dear Debt, who chronicled her journey out of $81,000 in student loan debt...